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  • Tin
    Tin 50pts

    Hello..this is teacher Tin...I graduated with a Degree, Bachelor of Elementary Education...Its truly...

  • Hans
    Hans 75pts

    Hello students, I am Hans. My hobbies include watching movies, surfing the web and reading informati...

  • Que
    Que 75pts

    Hello students! Welcome to QQ English. I like watching movies,reading books and learning other langu...

  • Cedric
    Cedric 75pts

    Good day everyone.I am Teacher Cedric,a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education at Bohol Island...

  • Channing
    Channing 50pts

    Hello! Good day. My name is Channing, and I am a certified ESL teacher. I'd be happy to teach you th...

  • Primrose
    Primrose 75pts

    Hi! Good morning. This is Primrose. One of our goals here is to make our students a bridge to bette...

  • Molina
    Molina 50pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Molina, a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English. I like spea...

  • Paprika
    Paprika 50pts

    Hi! My name is teacher Paprika. I'm one of the teachers here in QQ English. It's my pleasure to teac...

  • Jhordan
    Jhordan 75pts

    Teaching is a profession that teaches all of the other professions. Hi there students! My name is Te...

  • Deven
    Deven 50pts

    Hi! My name is Deven. People say I'm a serious person. It's partly correct but when you know more ...


  • Holy Week


    In observance to the Holy Week falling on April 18-19, the school will be be closed on those dates.