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  • Welsh
    Welsh 50pts

    Hi! My name is teacher Welsh. Learning the English language is interesting. Now aside from guiding y...

  • Jenmae
    Jenmae 50pts

    Would you like to learn English while having fun? That sounds great! So come and learn the language ...

  • Akeelah
    Akeelah 50pts

    Hi, I am Akeelah, a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education. I have a positive mindset and woul...

  • Valet
    Valet 50pts

    Do you wish you had more chances to converse in English? Do you want to feel more confident in speak...

  • Zahava
    Zahava 50pts

    Hi there! My name is teacher Zahava and welcome to QQ English. Learning is a two way process; you le...

  • Oval
    Oval 50pts

    Hello! My name is teacher Oval. I love learning as much as I love teaching. I also believe that lear...

  • Kisses
    Kisses 50pts

    "Best teacher teaches not only from the book but also from the heart." Hello there! My name is Kiss...

  • Renly
    Renly 50pts

    Good day! My name is Renly. I am fun, alluring and will always enunciate that you will learn Englis...

  • Janson
    Janson 50pts

    Hi! Welcome to QQ English. I am your teacher Janson. I am used to teaching students with different p...

  • Bies
    Bies 50pts

    Hi! Welcome to QQ English. I am teacher Bies and I will be with you all the way as you learn and exp...


  • Holy Week


    In observance to the Holy Week falling on April 18-19, the school will be be closed on those dates.