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  • Dagtum
    Dagtum 40pts

    Good day, everyone! I am Dagtum, a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in Soci...

  • Pablo
    Pablo 40pts

    Good day to all. My name is Pablo, and I obtained my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from ...

  • Archellou
    Archellou 40pts

    Hi! Good day! I’m Archellou, your teacher in learning the English language. I graduated with a bache...

  • Jennebra
    Jennebra 40pts

    Good day! I'm Jennebra. Teaching is both a passion and a vocation for me. It makes me happy whenever...

  • Monaghan
    Monaghan 40pts

    Hi there! I'm Monaghan, a Bachelor of Elementary Education graduate from Leyte Normal University. I ...

  • Binacle
    Binacle 40pts

    My mission is to make my students proud and more confident in speaking English. My name is Binacle. ...

  • Milwokee
    Milwokee 40pts

    Hi! I’m Milwokee. I have been teaching here since 2023. I’ve handled classes for students from diffe...

  • Fandango
    Fandango 40pts

    Good day, everyone! I am Fandango, a graduate of Bachelor in Teaching Home Economics and Livelihood ...

  • Zerkov
    Zerkov 40pts

    Being passionate about what you do hits a different level of fulfillment. Hello! My name is Zerk...

  • Mendiola
    Mendiola 40pts

    "The most important word in the English language is hope." - Eleonor Roosevelt Hello, everyone! I...



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