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  • Kennedy
    Kennedy 50pts

    Hello future online students. Welcome to QQ English. My name is teacher Kennedy. I am an education g...

  • Parker
    Parker 50pts

    I know how to paint,sketch,sculpt,play the musical instruments like guitar,flute,harmonica piano etc...

  • Sushmita
    Sushmita 50pts

    Greetings, everyone! Welcome to QQ English. My name is Teacher Sushmita and I am here to guide you o...

  • Apechi
    Apechi 50pts

    Hello student. I'm teacher Apechi. My hobbies are reading and writing stories. It would be a pleasur...

  • Nacho
    Nacho 50pts

    Hello everyone! My name is Nacho and welcome to QQ English! I love doing some activities during my p...

  • Rita
    Rita 50pts

    Hi, students! I'm Rita. I have a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I am op...

  • Kiyah
    Kiyah 50pts

    Hi everyone! I am teacher Kiyah, a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education. I love dogs, music,...

  • Anez
    Anez 50pts

    Hello there! I'm Teacher Anez. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education in the University ...

  • Eilash
    Eilash 50pts

    Hello there ! I'm teacher Eilash , one of the teachers here in QQ English. I'm a graduate of Bachelo...

  • Gaia
    Gaia 50pts

    English proficiency is considered a ticket to the global market. If you aspire to be globally compet...


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