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  • Shader
    Shader 40pts

    "Good day! My name is Teachrer Shader. a graduate of secondary education majoring in food service ma...

  • Vikram
    Vikram 40pts

    Hi, students! Thank you for the opportunity to help you improve your English skills. I'm Vikram, an...

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 60pts

    Hello Everyone! My name is teacher, Gabriel. I have been working in this company since 2022. I love ...

  • Eijneb
    Eijneb 50pts

    Hello everyone! My name is Eijneb and I can't wait to help you as you embark on your English languag...

  • Clovata
    Clovata 5pts

    Hello everyone!My name is Clovata, a name fit for a warrior queen, but in my class, I'm here to help...

  • Manaslu
    Manaslu 5pts

    Greetings! I am Manaslu. I'm a bright, cheerful person who is constantly ready to share knowledge an...

  • Manforte
    Manforte 5pts

    Hello, everyone! I'm Manfronte. I enjoy conversing with people and have a keen interest in travel, e...

  • Osprey
    Osprey 5pts

    Hello, I'm Osprey, a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education major in English. Teac...

  • Passiflor
    Passiflor 5pts

    Hello, everybody! I'm Passiflor. My name reflects my passion for teaching, as "Pass" signifies my en...

  • Puffad
    Puffad 5pts

    Hello! I'm Puffad. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education majoring in General Education....



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