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  • Cathleya
    Cathleya 100pts

    Hi! My name is Teacher Cathleya. I have been in the English teaching industry for almost 9 years no...

  • Purity
    Purity 40pts

    Hello! I'm Purity. I've had the privilege of educating college students for a year and a half in per...

  • Seitad
    Seitad 40pts

    Hello, everyone! I'm Seitad, and I've been teaching here since 2024. While I enjoy singing and danci...

  • Abraham
    Abraham 40pts

    Hi there! My name is Abraham, a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. ...

  • Indang
    Indang 40pts

    Hello, everyone! I'm Indang, a graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, and I'm yo...

  • Doflam
    Doflam 50pts

    Hello, everyone. I am teacher Doflam, and I have been a teacher here since 2023. Teaching English is...

  • Retox
    Retox 50pts

    "Hi! I am Retox, and I have proudly been a part of the teaching community here since 2023. I am more...

  • Hamloy
    Hamloy 50pts

    Hi, everyone! I'm Hamloy. I have been teaching here since 2023. I want to collaborate with others in...

  • Shunpike
    Shunpike 40pts

    Are you a non-native English speaker, or do you want to communicate using the English language? Well...

  • Cardinal
    Cardinal 40pts

    Good day! My name is Teacher Cardinal. I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Elementary Education progr...



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