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  • Wilma
    Wilma 50pts

    Hello, welcome to QQ English. I am teacher Wilma. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education and I ma...

  • Schwarts
    Schwarts 50pts

    Hi! my name is teacher Schwartz. I'm the kind of person who loves to interact with people of differe...

  • Willa
    Willa 50pts

    It's not about what teachers cover; it's about what students discover. Hi! My name is teacher Willa,...

  • Mayden
    Mayden 50pts

    Hello, I'm Mayden. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I'm very enth...

  • Markle
    Markle 50pts

    Hi there, I'm Markle, a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. I love traveling to different ...

  • Tory
    Tory 50pts

    Hi, I'm Tory, a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I love sports such as ...

  • Gunther
    Gunther 50pts

    Hello everyone! I'm Gunther, a graduate of the University of Cebu Banilad. My first ESL experience l...

  • Myrcella
    Myrcella 50pts

    Hello everyone! I am Myrcella, and I am a licensed teacher since 2016. I graduated from college with...

  • Carly
    Carly 50pts

    Hi, I'm Carly. I've been teaching English for 10 years in my country and abroad. One of my favorite ...

  • Uma
    Uma 50pts

    Hello there, my name's Uma. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education at Cebu Technological...


  • Holy Week


    In observance to the Holy Week falling on April 18-19, the school will be be closed on those dates.