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  • Marlia
    Marlia 50pts

    Hi there! My name is teacher Marlia. I am here to help you and make things easy for you. I love play...

  • Rochie
    Rochie 50pts

    Good day! I'm Rochie, a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education. I can assure you that having c...

  • Lilith
    Lilith 50pts

    Hi! I am teacher Lilith from QQ English. If you’re having difficulties in writing, reading and speak...

  • Trazona
    Trazona 50pts

    Good day! I’m teacher Trazona. I love reading books, talking with friends and also teaching English....

  • Shadow
    Shadow 50pts

    A pleasant day student! I’m teacher Shadow. Learning a new language gives you the chance to be a dif...

  • Pringles
    Pringles 50pts

    Hi! This is teacher Pringles of QQ English. I consider myself hardworking, dependable, helpful, orga...

  • Locket
    Locket 50pts

    Hi! Good morning! I am teacher Locket. I am approachable and hardworking with strong commitment to s...

  • Zipporah
    Zipporah 50pts

    Hello there!Are you afraid to learn English?Well don't be afraid anymore because Teacher Zipporah go...

  • Rafil
    Rafil 50pts

    Hi Everyone! I'm teacher Rafil of QQ English. I am a graduate of bachelor of Secondary Education maj...

  • Middleton
    Middleton 50pts

    Hi, I'm teacher Middleton. I graduated from college with a degree in Bachelor of Elementary Educatio...


  • Holy Week


    In observance to the Holy Week falling on April 18-19, the school will be be closed on those dates.