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  • Khaya
    Khaya 50pts

    Hello everyone. Call me teacher Khaya, a passionate teacher who can help you learn English in a fun ...

  • Sophie
    Sophie 50pts

    Great day to all my students! I'm teacher Sophie and I love interacting with other people . I can de...

  • Ore
    Ore 50pts

    Hello everyone! I'm teacher Ore , a versatile type of person who can easily adjust to all kinds of s...

  • Krixi
    Krixi 50pts

    Hi, my name is teacher Krixi, I love doing almost everything, from music to films, sports and fitne...

  • Joyce
    Joyce 75pts

    Aloha! My name's Joyce. I've been in the field of ESL for 7 years now. With my experience, I can gu...

  • Que
    Que 75pts

    Hello students! Welcome to QQ English. I like watching movies,reading books and learning other langu...

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 50pts

    hello Good day! I'm teacher Hyperion. I'm an AB English graduate from the University of Southern Mi...

  • Nadette
    Nadette 50pts

    Hello! Welcome to QQ English! I am Teacher Nadette. To be able to express oneself and be understood ...

  • Yorn
    Yorn 50pts

    Good day, welcome to QQ English. My name is teacher Yorn. Learning is always fun when you are with t...

  • Peura
    Peura 50pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Peura and welcome to QQ English. I believe that learning a language is like learning...


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