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  • Microven
    Microven 40pts

    Hello, everyone! I'm Microven, a passionate English teacher dedicated to creating a fun and supporti...

  • Larizma
    Larizma 40pts

    Hello everyone! I am Larizma, a graduate of the Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teachers Education ...

  • Rikshaw
    Rikshaw 40pts

    Hello! I'm Rikshaw. I'm excited and motivated to share my knowledge and help you improve your Englis...

  • Locklam
    Locklam 40pts

    Hi everyone! My name is Locklam. I'm passionate about teaching English and helping you achieve your ...

  • Socca
    Socca 40pts

    Hi everyone! I'm Socca, passionate about sharing my knowledge with eager learners. I enjoy music, si...

  • Aldington
    Aldington 40pts

    Hi, everyone! My name is Aldington. I am an optimistic person and a dedicated individual. my hobbies...

  • Soronus
    Soronus 40pts

    Learning English is a journey, and like Vladimir Lenin said, 'Learning is never done without errors ...

  • Trombone
    Trombone 40pts

    Hi everyone! I'm Trombone, a passionate English teacher with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Educa...

  • Dolomed
    Dolomed 40pts

    Hi, everyone! My name is Dolomed, and I hold a Bachelor of Secondary Education degree with a major i...

  • Braconid
    Braconid 40pts

    Hi, everyone! My name is Braconid. I am passionate and dedicated to the art of teaching. My goal is ...



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