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  • Maro
    Maro 50pts

    Hello students. My name is Maro. I am an optimistic person and self-motivated. My passion is teachin...

  • Nacho
    Nacho 75pts

    Hello everyone! My name is Nacho and welcome to QQ English! I love doing some activities during my p...

  • June
    June 75pts

    Hello I'm teacher June. I'm a college graduate with a course in Bachelor of Secondary Education Majo...

  • Rickdee
    Rickdee 75pts

    Hello my name is Rickdee! I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education- Major in Ea...

  • Sprouse
    Sprouse 50pts

    Learning the English language can give you a lot of opportunities in terms of work, developing inter...

  • Mocha
    Mocha 100pts

    Hello! I am a teacher with a strong passion in inspiring and motivating my students to never stop le...

  • Parker
    Parker 75pts

    I know how to paint,sketch,sculpt,play musical instruments like guitar,flute,harmonica piano etc. I ...

  • Bracken
    Bracken 50pts

    Hello! My name is teacher Bracken. I'm a very energetic person; funny, enthusiastic, optimistic, an...

  • Khin
    Khin 75pts

    Hello everyone! My name is Khin. Are you looking for a teacher who is capable of helping you improve...

  • Renly
    Renly 50pts

    Good day! My name is Renly. I am fun, alluring and will always enunciate that you will learn Englis...


  • QQ English "Points Share" is online!


    Dear students ,

    You can now share your points with your loved ones or friends!

    Easy sharing steps:

    Step 1: Log in to the student account

    Step 2: Click "Buy Now"

    Step 3: Click "Share Points to Friends",

    Step 4: Set up a sharing point

    Step 5: Create a sharing link and send it to your friends

    Sharing is always more fun !

  • Notice about QQ English adjusting online teachers' working hours


    Hi, everyone!

    Cebu local government, where our school is located, announced to low down the level of quarantine policy, but it may change anytime due to the unstable situation of pandemic.

    To make sure all the online lessons can go smoothly, QQ English decide to keep the strict quarantine of Seafront Campus. Meanwhile, IT Park campus will try to open. In this case, we have to adjust the working time of some teachers, this may influence some of your online lessons.

    Some teachers' schedule will change from June 29th.

    Please be noted and thank you for your understanding!

  • Notice about QQ English network upgrade and maintenance


    Dear QQ English students,

    6/08 2 am-3 am (Philippines Time)QQ English will upgrade and maintain the network. By then, online courses will not be available. Please arrange the courses reasonably.

    QQ English wishes you a happy life!

  • QQ English "Footprints of growth" is online!


    QQ English "Footprints of growth" is online!

    So that every student can always know their study time, and also has the function of Global Rank , check the Global Rank at any time. Compete with international students to learn English by the minute and win the top spot.


    1. Total Studying Time:

    -In minutes

    -The time starts when the student regidters an account

    2. Monthly Studying Time:

    Total minutes of study per month

    3. Global Rank :

    -Daily update

    -Ranked according to the total minutes of study per month

  • Mother's Day special course


    Dear QQ English students:

    Hello everyone!

    Mother's Day is coming.

    We have prepared a special course on Mother's Day for you.

    To let you recall a happy time with your mother.

    QQ English blesses the great mothers all over the world

    Happy Mothers' Day!

    Time: 5/08 00:00-5/10 24:00 PT

    QQ English wishes you a happy life!