What kind of services does QQ English provide?.
QQ English provides high-quality online English conversation courses. Classes 24 hours, also offers different types of courses to meet any learning needs.

Can I take a free trial?
Each student can have two free trials. The first is a English proficiency test. After the test is successfully completed, there will be a free course voucher.
I didn't receive the email from QQ English.
If you haven't received any email, there are two possible factors: (1) The email you entered for registration is wrong, please confirm the email for registration again. (2) It was mistaken for spam. Please change the settings and accept any email from QQ English. If you are using Yahoo, Gmail, or another free mailbox, messages may be diverted to spam. Please confirm your spam folder.
What do I need to prepare before class?
Please prepare a computer, headphones and microphone connected to the Internet. You can also use iPad or any tablet or smartphone, but it is not as effective as using a PC.

Can I use an iPad or any tablet, iPhone or smartphone?
You can use any mobile device, but the quality of the WIFI connection may affect learning performance.
please download APP below:
smartphone: QQEnglish App
iPad: QQEnglish HD App
other tablet: QQEnglish App
About the teacher of QQ English.
All teachers of QQ English have TESOL teaching certificates, which is a professional certificate for internationally recognized learners who teach non-English speakers. Our teachers are graduated from well-known universities in the Philippines. Not only do they receive complete teacher training from linguistic experts, they have professional teaching skills, they are also very warm and welcoming, and they have strong enthusiasm for teaching. They will help you improve your English skills and make it easier for you .

Can I choose my favorite teacher?
Yes, you can choose your favorite teacher. On the course booking page, after logging in, you can choose your favorite teacher and class time. You can also change teachers as you like, and add your favorite teacher favorites list. Please note that some specific courses can only be taught by specialized teachers.

Why can I continue the course even if I change teachers?
In QQ English, we have designed a chart for each student to check the progress of each study. Because this progress chart, even if different teachers are replaced in each class, they can still complete each course step by step.

Can I ask my teacher about my learning needs?
Yes, after you book a course, you can put forward your learning needs, use examples, or directly enter a message to the teacher, the teacher will understand your needs before the class. * Please note that only the teacher for the class will see your needs.
What courses can I choose?
We have the well-known Callan method, which is the core course of QQ English, as well as English courses for different learning needs and levels. QQE Basic, Topic conversation, Business English, etc.
Can I use the textbooks I prepared?
Sorry, we don't accept teacher to teach the textbooks prepared by students.
In order to provides high-quality online English courses to students, all QQEnglish teachers need to pass the course training and assessment before they teach students.

Is this online English suitable for beginners?
The course content is step by step, from simple to deep. Students only need to follow the progress step by step.

How long is a class?
We offer two courses of 25 minutes and 50 minutes. If you schedule two consecutive 25-minute lessons with the same teacher, the lesson will be extended to 50 minutes. Please tell the teacher in advance the break time between classes.
When can I book a course?
Classes are available 24 hours. Each lesson starts at 1:00 or 3:00 (e.g. 9: 00-9: 25, 9: 30-9: 55)

When is the school closed?
The school is closed on national holidays in the Philippines. Please check the information on the student homepage regularly.

Can I take classes abroad?
Yes, you can take classes even if you are abroad. As long as you have a good network and hardware equipment, you can take classes anywhere in the world. However, please make sure that the time you schedule the course should be set to the local time.
Does it support daylight saving time?
Yes, we support daylight saving time in certain countries.
Can I use Mac iOS for classes?
Yes, you can use Mac operating system, please download google chrome latest version and use google chrome to have classes , but if you use Skype as class tool ,please download Skype software first,

Does Callan Method need textbooks for class?
Yes , please contact with QQ English support , they will help you with the purchase procedure.
How is QQEnglish's online course different from other online courses?
Many educational institutions use QQEnglsih's online courses as regular courses from secondary education to college education. The most important reason is the high-quality teachers and excellent teaching materials. Being able to speak English does not mean that you can teach English. Only professional teachers can improve students' English ability. QQEnglsih's teachers are professional and have good teaching quality.

How long does it take to speak English?
Each student's starting point is different, but according to the statistics of QQEnglsih, there will be obvious changes after completing 20 hours of Callan method and 25 hours of QQE Basic. The motivation for learning will be strengthened, and the feeling of learning will continue. Of course, it's not just learning in the classroom, previewing and reviewing are also important.

Can I match different courses?
Yes, we recommend that you focus on callan method and QQE Basic, and then choose a topical conversation or business English according to your needs.

Please tell me when is the right time to choose a course.
Before weekday working hours (6:00-8:00), after class (after 6 o'clock) and weekends, there will be more electives, and it will be easier to choose courses at other times. In addition, it is easy to choose a course the night before the holiday.
What is the "Callan Method"?
The callan method is a course that thoroughly trains the English Brain (the speed at which English is recognized and processed). In the callan method course, students must immediately and repeatedly answer questions from the teacher, and the teacher speaks faster than usual. Native speakers speak 150-180 words in one minute, but the teacher's speed is 200-230 words in the callan method. Students listen and speak no less than 5,000 words in a 25-minute course. Under such circumstances, students need to be extremely focused on what the teacher says, forcing them to respond quickly under the guidance of the teacher, so there is no time to translate into their native language. Through this method, your "English brain", that is, the ability to respond quickly to English will be trained. Thanks to the "English Brain" training, you can greatly improve your ability to respond to English and use English words, proverbs and grammar. The callan method is best for students who have studied English for a long time but can't speak.

What is an online English?
Online English is a new form of English conversation course using the Internet.
At QQ English, a teacher and a student conduct a one-on-one lesson via video chat (Skype and classroom).
The advantage of QQ English is that you can have a high quality full English course whenever and wherever you want, at a lower price.

Please guide me how to make a payment.
Currently, only a single payment is supported. Credit card installments are not supported at this time.
Can I attend classes without a monthly course?
Each student must purchase a package to attend class, but can purchase additional points to use.
Points have an expiration date?
Students on a monthly course will not be able to use the unused points for this period next month.
The extra points you purchase will be based on the life of the current package.
* But if you do not use your points within one year, your points will expire.

What is a "ticket"?
You can use a ticket for a class. When you register or on the "My Course Main Menu"-> "Coupon / Ticket" page, you can enter your ticket code. * Tickets have an expiration date. Please check the ticket and use it before it expires.

What is a coupon"?
When you use the coupon, you get some points. When you register or on the "My Course Main Menu"-> "Coupon / Ticket" page, you can enter your coupon code. * Coupons have an expiration date, please check the coupons and use them before they expire.
Can I have a regular teacher?
Each student can choose the same teacher within a fixed time, but must consume an additional 20% of the teacher's basic score as a fixed fee. When set as a permanent teacher, class appointments are automatically updated.
What is a "fixed fee"?
The fixed fee is an additional 20% of the teacher's basic points. Once set as a permanent teacher, the class appointment will be updated automatically.

Can i have a certificate after the courses?
The electronic version of the certificate is available, and students need to provide detailed information and apply it to QQEnglish customer service.


  • Teacher Point change

    2023-01-05 Teacher Point change

    Teacher Point change

  • Emergency notice


    Dear QQE students:

    Due to the rainstorm in Cebu, the network of the seaside campus is interrupted. Some courses will be affected tonight (10/26), Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Your patience is very appreciated.


  • Notice of class suspension on October 31st (Monday)


    Dear students,

    Please note that the online course on October 31st(Philippine time) will be temporarily canceled.

    Because, the Office of the President of the Philippines has declared October 31st, 2022 (Monday) as a public holiday according to Presidential Decree No.79.

    In response to this announcement, QQEnglish will also have a school holiday on October 31st. At that time, due to the decrease in the number of teachers, we will have to cancel some reserved courses.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

    Notice of class suspension on October 31st (Monday)

  • Holidays in November and December


    Dear students,

    The following are the holiday notices of QQEnglish in November and December.

    1. On November 1st, due to the Philippine holiday, only a few teachers attended classes.

    2. On December 3rd, for the QQEnglish Christmas party, the whole school will be closed.

    3. December 24th (Christmas Eve) and December 25th (Christmas Day) are legal holidays in the Philippines, and the whole school is closed on that days.

    4. On December 31st, because it was New Year's Eve, only a few teachers attended classes.

    Please arrange your study time reasonably.

    QQEnglish wishes you a happy life!

  • Daily Practice


    Hi everyone.

    The function of Daily Practice is available now!

    Click the link below to check the details and practice English from today.

    Daily Practice


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