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  • Wallace
    Wallace 50pts

    Hi Good day! I’m teacher Wallace. I’m currently working here in QQEnglish. My passion is teaching no...

  • Monleon
    Monleon 50pts

    Hi Good day! I am teacher Monleon and welcome to QQ English. Good teaching begets better learning. M...

  • Harmony
    Harmony 50pts

    Hi ! I'm teacher Harmony. I'm holding a degree of Bachelors of Arts major in English. I'm fun of lea...

  • Kinsley
    Kinsley 50pts

    Hi! My name is teacher Kinsley. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in English. I have taught ...

  • Chilsen
    Chilsen 50pts

    Hi, my name is Chilsen. I majored in English when I was at the university. For me, teaching is not m...

  • Lancaster
    Lancaster 50pts

    Did you know that enneacontakaienneagan is actually a word in the English language and pronouncing s...

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 50pts

    Hi! My name is Benjamin. Learning the English language is like a field trip. It will not only take y...

  • Davo
    Davo 50pts

    Hello, my dear students. I am Teacher Davo. I believe that if you want to learn something, you shoul...

  • Harlene
    Harlene 50pts

    My name is Harlene and I like reading English books, watching English movies and anime. I like danci...

  • Ranbel
    Ranbel 50pts

    My name is Ranbel.I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Community Development Education at Visay...


  • New Year Holiday


    We would like to inform you on December 31st of 2020 and January first of 2021, only very few teachers will be available.

  • December 24th and 25th Notice of School Holidays and Maintenance


    Dear students,

    December 24 (Christmas Eve) December 25 (Christmas) is a statutory holiday in the Philippines. On that day, the entire school holiday will be closed for all customer service, please know.

    On December 24th, the website will be upgraded and maintained from 20: 00 to 24: 00 (Philippine time), during which time it will be impossible to log in. Please understand.

  • Smart kids 5 is available now


    Dear student:

    Smart kids 5 is available now,start to reserve and enjoy your lesson.

    Hope you like it.

  • Download the new version of QQEnglish App


    Download the new version of QQEnglish App

    Dear QQEnglish students:

    In order to improve the quality of online course experience, QQEnglish opens the new version of the IOS app for student experience to download,

    APP name: QQEnglish

    Operation mode:

    ㄧ. Please download Test Flight first

    The link to Test Flight is as follows:

    2. Install QQEnglish software

    You can experience it right away

    If you have any questions, please ask online customer service,

    Thank you for your trust and support to QQEnglish!

  • October 29-October 31 Halloween Activity Notice


    During October 29-October 31(Philippine time), our QQEnglish online course teachers will make some special costumes and makeup for Halloween, which will increase the festive and classroom atmosphere.

    At that time, teachers will not wear work uniforms, and students can also cosplay to interact with teachers in class.

    In order to avoid the great surprise brought by the exaggerated makeup of the teacher, I would like to inform you first! Please be mentally prepared for the arrival of Halloween