What is level test ?
The level test is a way to let QQ English know that the best way to recommend is suitable for your level of study. The result is based on your past learning experience, and is mainly based on oral expression.

How can I book a course?
After logging in, please select the date, teacher, class time and course content on the course reservation page.

When is the latest appointment?
Bookings can be made up to 15 minutes before the start of the course. * Please note that there may be time difference problems, because the website time will be displayed according to the time set by your computer, but 15 minutes is based on the server time.

How many lessons can I book at one time?
In advance, you can reserve up to three lessons per day. There are no restrictions on the classes on the same day. There is no limit on the total number of classes.

Can I use the points of the monthly payment plan and the points plan at the same time?
Yes, you can use all points, including special bonus points.
Can I cancel a scheduled course?
After you log in, the status of your scheduled course will appear on your ( My Page ). You can click the Cancel Schedule button before the course begins.

cancellation rules
1: Cancel 12 hours before the start of the course, full points will be refunded
2: Cancel 12 hours to 1 hour before the start of the course, and return 50% of the points
3: Cancel within 1 hour before the start of the course, no points will be refunded
4: Absenteeism will additionally deduct the equivalent points used in the reserved course
What if I am late for class?
After the course starts, you can still take the 15-minute course, but if more than 15 minutes, you will be considered absent and the teacher will think that the student has abandoned the course. If the student is late, please understand that the end time of the course will not change because of being late for class.

Can I book two consecutive lessons at a time, and take a 50 minute lesson?
Even if you arrange two consecutive classes with the same teacher, each class will still be 25 minutes (with a 5 minute break in between). If you want to study continuously for 50 minutes, please coordinate with your teacher before the course starts.
If I book three consecutive lessons at a time, how will the break be arranged?
According to regulations, you will have three 25-minute lessons with a 5-minute break in between. If you want to have a continuous class, please coordinate with the teacher before the lesson begins.

Can I send a scheduled course content message to my mailbox?
Yes, after logging in to your account, check "Set to receive notifications 30 minutes before the course starts" on the settings page. This message will be sent 30 minutes before your class. Don't forget to set up on your phone to receive mail from "info@qqeng.com".
My phone did not receive a reminder notification from the class
Please double-check that your email address is correct. You can confirm by going to the "Change Registration Status" page. If you still cannot receive it, it may be configured as info@qqeng.com is unavailable. Please double-check your domain settings or ask your mobile operator.
When will the teacher's class schedule be announced?
The teacher will open the schedule for two weeks, and update the schedule for the next day at three in the morning. For example, 1/1 can see the 1/15 schedule, 1/2 can see the 1/16 schedule And so on.
What should I do if the teacher leaves?
If the student encounters this situation, we will refund the points according to the cancellation rules, or try to find a suitable replacement teacher for you on the same day.

I cannot log in to My Page.
You may enter the wrong email or password. Please confirm again. If you continue to be unable to log in, please contact QQ English support.
What is a substitute teacher?
The substitute teacher is another teacher provided by the system when the teacher suddenly fails to attend the class. However, we may not be able to provide substitute teachers due to manpower issues. The cost of the substitute teacher is the same as the points required by the original teacher.

The points for this month have been used up before the refresh day, but the refresh day has not arrived yet, can I still book the course for the next month?
The prerequisite for booking a course is that there are available points in the package. The points have been used up this month, but the point refresh date has not been reached, and it is not possible to book the course for the next month in advance.


  • Valentine's Day


    We would like to inform you that on Valentine's day, QQEnglish teachers will not wear the official uniform.


  • New Year Holiday


    We would like to inform you on December 31st of 2020 and January first of 2021, only very few teachers will be available.

  • December 24th and 25th Notice of School Holidays and Maintenance


    Dear students,

    December 24 (Christmas Eve) December 25 (Christmas) is a statutory holiday in the Philippines. On that day, the entire school holiday will be closed for all customer service, please know.

    On December 24th, the website will be upgraded and maintained from 20: 00 to 24: 00 (Philippine time), during which time it will be impossible to log in. Please understand.

  • Smart kids 5 is available now


    Dear student:

    Smart kids 5 is available now,start to reserve and enjoy your lesson.

    Hope you like it.

  • Download the new version of QQEnglish App


    Download the new version of QQEnglish App

    Dear QQEnglish students:

    In order to improve the quality of online course experience, QQEnglish opens the new version of the IOS app for student experience to download,

    APP name: QQEnglish

    Operation mode:

    ㄧ. Please download Test Flight first

    The link to Test Flight is as follows:


    2. Install QQEnglish software

    You can experience it right away

    If you have any questions, please ask online customer service,

    Thank you for your trust and support to QQEnglish!