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  • QQ English "Footprints of growth" is online!


    QQ English "Footprints of growth" is online!

    So that every student can always know their study time, and also has the function of Global Rank , check the Global Rank at any time. Compete with international students to learn English by the minute and win the top spot.


    1. Total Studying Time:

    -In minutes

    -The time starts when the student regidters an account

    2. Monthly Studying Time:

    Total minutes of study per month

    3. Global Rank :

    -Daily update

    -Ranked according to the total minutes of study per month

  • Mother's Day special course


    Dear QQ English students:

    Hello everyone!

    Mother's Day is coming.

    We have prepared a special course on Mother's Day for you.

    To let you recall a happy time with your mother.

    QQ English blesses the great mothers all over the world

    Happy Mothers' Day!

    Time: 5/08 00:00-5/10 24:00 PT

    QQ English wishes you a happy life!

  • Notice about the opening of the Smart Kids pre-starter course


    Dear QQEnglish students:

    The Smart Kids pre-starter course will be officially opened on May 1.

    The Smart Kids pre-starter course belongs to the Smart Kids series of teaching materials. It is a zero foundation preparatory course of the SK series. The purpose is to cultivate the English language sense of 3 to 6 years old students and stimulate learning interest. The selected theme is close to the content of children's life and learning, the scene is real, the activity is interesting, and it is entertaining. It advocates the educational concept of "relaxing, happiness, and naturally learning English". Children are encouraged to express themselves in the immersive English environment, think independently, and stimulate Learning interest and curiosity.

    At present, Smart Kids has a total of 6 courses have been launched, which are mainly developed for students aged 3-12:

    Smart Kids pre-starter

    Smart Kids Starter

    Smart Kids 1

    Smart Kids 2

    Smart Kids 3

    Smart Kids 4

  • QQ English Online Course Notice during 4 / 9-4 / 10(Holy Week)


    Dear QQ English students:

    4 / 9-4 / 10, during Holy Week, QQ English will continue to provide online courses for you. The online course time is from 05:00 to 23:30 Philippines Time.

    QQ English wishes you a happy life!

  • Online class notification of QQ English


    Dear QQ English students:

    Hello everyone!

    In view of the increase in the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the Philippines and the number of quarantined observers, the Cebu City Government, where the QQ English teaching base is located, decided to implement a stricter community quarantine policy on Saturday, March 28.

    Affected by this policy, more than one hundred teachers in the QQ English IT Park urban campus will not be able to commute to school for normal teaching. All commuter-affected teacher schedules will be closed from tomorrow; scheduled courses will be canceled and points or tickets will be returned to the student account.

    However, the schedules of teachers who have already settled in school dormitories will not be affected, so QQ English still has sufficient teachers to support online courses for students worldwide.

    In order to apologize and give back to the students who have always supported us, QQ English decided to return some of the points of the affected students.

    1. Which students' points will be returned?

    -> Trainees who purchase long-term packages with monthly expiration;

    -> Affected by the epidemic, during the period from March 17th to March 31st, due to the cancellation of the course, etc., the points cannot be used up and the points expired are reset to zero

    2. How many points are returned?

    -> The same number of points will be cleared when points expire between March 17th and March 31st.

    3. How to return the points?

    -> Points will be added to your account in the form of tickets;

    -> 50 points = 1 lesson;

    -> Tickets can be selected from 50 points intermediate teachers or 75 points senior teachers;

    -> For example: Student A is cleared 470 points on March 20th, then Student A can get a course ticket worth 9 lessons.

    4. When will the ticket be returned?

    -> QQ English will be added uniformly for global students through the system on April 1.

    5. What is the validity period of the ticket?

    ->Tickets are valid for three months and will expire on June 30.


    From next Monday, QQ English will open a schedule of about 20 100-point teachers with an average teaching experience of more than 5 years.

    The 100-point teacher is in charge of QQE's teacher management, teaching material development, and teacher training. Few schedules are open for student appointments.

    During the epidemic, all 100-point teacher schedules will be open to students worldwide to make appointments.

    QQ English teachers and staff together to overcome difficulties!