Valentine's Day

Ready for the day of hearts?

The Valentine's Day celebration in the Philippines is indeed one of the cutest in the world not because they give the grandest and most fabulous gifts but because they express how they feel based on the color of their shirts.

Interestingly, each and every color has its own different meaning and invokes emotions and beliefs unique to each of them. Especially on February 14th, Valentine's day, each color of dress one wears is representative of something and reflects your feelings for the one you truly love.

Everyone wants to look good and impress their valentine by wearing different colors of dresses on lovers day, the most awaited day of the year by couples across the world, and it becomes more important to know what color you should wear on this festival of love.

And since the pandemic is still around, and we cannot fancy a date outside, why not you take the Valentine celebration to another cute level?

Turquoise is the color of the sea and it can accept anything. Valentine’s day blue dress is the symbol indicating that the person has accepted what has been destined in love for him/her and is now healing and trying to be ready in love again.

Pink is always a lovable color and a dress of pink color signifies the person is willing to love and expresses a sign of being ready to fall in love.

Green is a color of nature which indicates beauty and abundance but also evokes feelings of bitterness like the taste of some green fruits and other vegetables.

Red dress indicates that the person is already in love and its a two sided one.

Orange is a pure color and signifies an eternal and pure soul. Valentine's day orange dress means that the person is happy and contented in love.

White means the person is already in love / engaged and is enjoying the essence of love but still wants to keep his/her love status private.

Yellow is the color of the sun and moon - beautiful yet sad and melancholic. A person in a yellow dress conveys a message of loneliness for not being liked back by the person she/he likes. Not deserving to become a lover but only just a friend.

Brown is the color of wear-and-tear. People in brown dress indicates that his love status is dying and is not okay and complicated.

Grey is a symbol of no interest. A person in a grey dress indicates that they have been ghosted and is no longer hopeful in love. Better luck next time!

Black is a negative indication and signifies that the person has been rejected by someone he wants to share his/her heart with.

Blue is the color of the sky, the color of a vivid imagination. On the day of hearts, people wearing blue indirectly tells others that he is neither happy or sad in his/her imaginary partner.

Purple, is a delicate and painful color, the hue of bruises and contusions. People wearing purple on the day of hearts are in pain and are torn apart. Left out, ignored, and are victims of love.

So, let’s decode their significance and meaning to choose the best shade of dress for you on this romantic day.

Enjoy the festival of love, beautiful hearts!



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