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I know how to paint,sketch,sculpt,play musical instruments like guitar,flute,harmonica piano etc. I can dance popping, break-dancing and robotic dub steps. I can mix music using Dj console. I can write poems and I can sing with my guitar.

Bachelor of Arts:Mass Communication Major in Broadcasting,Foundation University.

I was an art teacher at Bais City Pilot School, then I got my second job as an ESL teacher last 2010-2013 at English Fella,so I had a three year experience in teaching English before I applied in QQ English.

I love to teach different curriculum

and I am interested in different topics as well.

I am a hilarious teacher but I'm serious with my lesson and I don't want my students get bored in my class.My class is fun and effective in learning the language.

As a teacher I want to share my knowledge to my students on how to be a good communicator in English,especially in speaking.Because it's my major.

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very good

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